Playing with depth perception by combining painted optical illusions with sculptural elements, going beyond traditional installations, I am physically and visually extending the boundaries of art.

With components that emerge out of the wall, it is extremely satisfying to see viewers questioning what they see and engaging with my creations.


My artistic journey began at the age of ten in the Netherlands, where I was fortunate to receive art lessons from a talented Dutch artist named Harry Hermers. We set out on a journey that has taken me beyond the horizons I could have ever imagined. Who would have thought that endless practice sessions, with classical music in the background, would invite a shy and introverted little girl to stop hiding and start seeking. Mr. Hermers was my greatest art influencer, and I am forever grateful for the solid foundation he laid in me through his style of teaching.


Old school techniques, through constant repetition, gave me the tools and confidence which empowered me to visualize my life as a blank canvas on which I myself could form my own creations.


Besides drawing, I was fascinated by how our brain has its own mind and can be tricked, or better yet seduced, by the art of illusions. Looking for a fresh start and a desire to make my dreams come true, I made the difficult decision to leave my family and friends behind and start the new millennium in the USA. With my BA degree in Activity Counseling, I explored various aspects of art. I had the incredible opportunity to work as an art facilitator with special needs students, design juvenile lighting, and work as a Graphic Artist.


Having roots in two different countries and two different cultures, often makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland. There is freedom, longing, and a constant search for balance between two worlds, which feeds the blazing fire of my creativity. There are always at least two or three pieces I am physically working on, while my mind races and my notes and sketches try to keep up with new ideas. The layers in my work often surprise me. Humor is the key to unlock the emotions which hide in the shadows of the illusions of my art – empathy, compassion, and being yourself. In the Netherlands we say ‘Luctor et emergo’ when referring to the constant battle with the sea, meaning ‘I struggle and emerge’. Sometimes I wonder if that is a theme in my art, but like Alice, I know: ‘It is no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then’.


Today, I live in Richmond, VA, with my wonderful family of seven. In 2019,
I rediscovered my passion for art and picked up my brushes once again. It has been an exciting journey executing some amazing concepts that have been living in my mind for years. Once they are out in this world, out in the open, I start to truly see what they mean to me. However, when someone else looks at them, a new meaning is born. The works invite conversations around depth and meaning, which inspires me to continue this artistic journey bringing me closer to unknown horizons and beyond.

Wendy van Boxtel

“One of the most conversational collectible art pieces we ever owned.” S. Baker, CA, USA

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