About This Project


Faith is endless. It can mean anything to anyone. Its meaning can be infinite. In relation to this project, Faith came to me in pieces. Pieces of a puzzle of which I only sensed what it was telling me once it was completed: I took, and still take, leaps of faith throughout my life. While diving into the deep, I always felt a presence guiding me towards the light, giving me Faith to embrace the unknown and trust in resurfacing in a good place. If God was a painter, I feel that he is painting a beautiful picture of life for me and guided my hand when I was working on Faith, creating this divine and fun collaboration.


Original, 1- out of 10 series conversational wall hanging sculpture, mixed media. Approx 49.5″H x 27.5″ W x 12″ D. Combining illusion of depth and humor makes this a great conversational piece in your home.


Price: $12,950   + Shipping (SOLD)


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