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Won the 2023 Illusion of the year award.


Original, one-of-a-kind conversational wall sculpture, combination of concave sculpture and paint. Approx 34.5″H x 20.75″ W x 7.5″ D, Mixed media.


Cornelia was a Dutch classical music vocalist with burning, red hair who sadly passed away before the fire on her head had a change to turn grey. I did not know this until her husband saw my Cornelia and told me about his Cornelia. Was it a coincidence that, while living and working in the US, my love for visual inspiration from the fifties and sixties materialized into something, somebody meaning the world to someone in The Netherlands? Being a spiritual person, I don’t go looking for explanations but embrace the meaning my work has for whomever looks at it. For me, Cornelia came to this world out of my desire to turn virtual into reality. Like a current, my lifelong obsession with illusions took me to new and unknown places where, as the tide, I was pushed forward and pulled back trying to make Cornelia look at you wherever you stand, even if that’s an ocean apart.

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